Here’s what I just told my MP on Brexit

Here’s the text of an email I just sent to my MP.

​Dear My MP,
I firmly believe we are better off in the EU than out of it.

I believe what small sovereignty we have pooled with fellow EU members is worthwhile and drives effective policy.

I strongly value my rights secured for me by the government within the EU, and do not believe these rights should be removed from either me or my children as they grow up.

I value our role as a leader in and of Europe.

I absolutely believe that economically it is a no brainer that needs no serious analysis.

I was dismayed that the referendum was even held, let alone the very poor calibre of debate and miscalculation of political issues that in my view led to the slim majority for leave among those who turned out.

I consider this to be the most important political issue of my life, with permanent and irreversible consequences.

Now that parliament will correctly address the matter, please consider my views in whatever decision you make in due course.

Yours sincerely,


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