A potted personal history of video game milestones, for no reason

Bubble Bobble coin op on a ferry.

Chuckie Egg on a friend’s BBC micro.

Kenny Dalglish, Feud, Bruce Lee, School Daze on ZX Spectrum at a cousin’s house one summer.

Double Dragon on C64 after school at a friend’s.

Monkey Island 2, X-Wing on PC at relative’s (funeral).

Super Hang On, Altered Beast on Mega Drive at relative’s (wedding).

Gauntlet, Shadow Warriors on Atari ST at a friend’s.

Civilisation, Warcraft, Pinball Fantasies on PC at the same cousin’s house.

The milk bottles Game & Watch (1st game at home).

Super Mario Land, Tetris, Duck Tales on a Gameboy I borrowed from a kid down the way.

Street Fighter, Snow Bros, Golden Axe, Sunset Riders, Final Fight, Turtles, Simpsons, on various coin ops.

Ninja Gaiden, Sonic the Hedgehog, Columns on Game Gear (1st games owned).

Street Fighter 2, Mega Games 2 on Mega Drive (1st TV games owned).

Sensible Soccer, Worms, K240, Xenon 2, Jaguar XJ220 on Amiga 500+ (1st ‘computer’ owned)

Pre release Toshinden and Twisted Metal demos on a PlayStation dev kit at a friend’s.

Quake etc at the first BT Wireplay LAN party.

Consumption levels peaked with 14 consoles connected via complex switches.

Importing and serious playing began.

Became obsessed with Virtual On coin op.

Broke all Wipeout 2097 records, lost memory card.

Discovered how bad at Tekken I actually was at the Eurotekken tournament.

Moved to Japan, queued for GameCube launch.

Played the shit out of a bunch of games.

Rationalised to just an Xbox 360 and Steam.

550 hour Football Manager 11 save when dad died.

PS4 because Evelyn, 3, loved Little Big Planet.

Two 2DSs, one each for me and Evelyn.


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