The Conservatives gained a true mandate yesterday #GE2015

This is a resounding win for the Conservatives and a ringing endorsement of the last five years of their policy and economics.

Voters could have kicked them out by voting for an alternative. But they didn’t. They in fact mostly did the opposite.

With the majority vote and the most MPs, particularly in England, there is no question that the new government will be legitimately Conservative, with a decent mandate for shrinking and privatising public services and cutting taxes.

The result is made more emphatic by strategic electoral matters like Scotland going SNP, but that’s also part of the general endorsement: Labour did not appeal to the Scottish either, who voted SNP in full knowledge that it would help create a Conservative government bound to devolve powers to Scotland.

My main beef with the Coalition of the last five years has been that they have badly exceeded their mandate. They have neutered local councils, privatised parts of the health and education sectors and significantly reduced welfare despite only receiving something like 34% of a less than 70% turnout in the 2010 election. That, in my view, is why the Coalition was a travesty of democracy and I so strongly disagreed with their right to do a lot of what they did.

The same is not the case now. After five years of the Coalition we know what a Conservative government would do – ‘the same only more so’ – and a sizeable majority have voted for just that.

So be it, and good luck to the entire left wing of British politics, especially in England, which in the light of these results looks like it totally failed to make an electable case for the alternative.


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