Concrete evidence for gamergate at last

We’ve finally got something that they can’t spin or wriggle out from underneath. Gamergate has concrete evidence at last.

The efforts of Operation Disrespectful Nod (ODN) have led to an advertiser, Intel, abandoning Gamasutra and formally confirming that they did so due to ODN complaints over their articles.

They can make false flag cries of doxxings and harrassment, which we have suffered. They can ignore and explain away all the lies, hate and corruption. They can claim that their games should be protected.

But they can’t deny this: ODN is real. Intel stand by their decision.

They can deny and smokescreen but none of that will change the fact that under the banner of gamergate people have shown that they can and will mobilise aggressively against those identified as enemies.

Proof at last that the people gamergate touches have the time, the energy and the numbers to deliver on their promises.

So next time you think about publishing something that critcises gamergate, think well.

Dear reader, this is only a thought experiment.

Read that again. Can you tell what the person that wrote that about recent events believes?

Was it written by an opponent or a proponent of the stuff swirling about under ‘gamergate’?

Some people on the internet both successfully delivered on their promise and met the expectations of those who thought they were malicious bullies: they set out to punish behaviour, and achieved it.

That Intel actually materially responded to astroturfed complaints from some people on the internet associated with gamergate, has been the first thing that everyone across this ridiculous real life soap opera can agree on.

Not coincidentally, it was also the first event coming out of that absurd hashtag that was completely transparent and unspinnable. Happened just as described. Confirmed.

There are no ‘sides’ to things filed under gamergate. That’s just a rhetorical device. There are only stupid ideas, dumbness, naivete, bitterness, cynicism, adolescence, viciousness and politics. But if you are inclined to split people into opponents or proponents of what that particularly stupid hashtag tends to mean, you can see that this ODN business means the same thing to both sides.

Question that, and do it now.


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